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I have been interested in psychology since I was a teenager, when thanks to my older sister  I discovered Sigmund Freud books about psycho- analysis.For me, it was something very challenging on an intellectual and emotional level, and I felt that being a therapist required a lot of personal work. On last year in high school I decided to pursue my career in the field of psychology. My interest towards this field was even more enhanced by taken during my studies, courses  about psychopathology  and I decided to study clinical psychology more in-depth. During the years of training for being a psychologist I came across several of my colleagues, who in my opinion  instead of helping the patient alleviated his burden and made him even more confused about himself. After a few years of my training in different institutions and with different psychologists I realized how important it is to find a therapist who is a good match for you. This personal experience showed me the importance of having a good guide who can accompany you on various levels of your life, and has given me a very specific insight and understanding about how difficult a therapy might be, starting with the realization that you may need some external help

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