Kasia   Jasiowka  , MA

      Psychological   Counselling   

      in English,   French   and   Polish

"You are progressing on something and that's what it's all about. You wanna keep moving, having a progress in your life."

                                                                         Ueli Steck


Thank you for your interest in my services. I am a Polish Psychologist practicing individual consulting since 2004 

I am specialized in Clinical Psychology (Jagiellonian University, Institute of Psychology, Krakow, Poland) and since I have always been particularly interested in practical knowledge, I started working as a volunteer psychologist in the early stages of my studies.  Given my broad interests I worked with several types of populations such as: children and  adolescents (including in orphanages), adults and elderly persons (also suffering from Alzheimer), prisoners, patients affected by paranoid-schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and  addictions.   

My favorite field of therapy is psychoanalysis, with a strong focus on the patient who decides to engage in this process. I believe that the outcome of the therapy does not only depend on the skills of the therapist but mostly on the commitment of the patient and his willingness to change.  


Read about me, then if you are still interested, make an appointment to meet me in person.


I work with the people ​ who are experiencing various types of problems. With those who are sad, lonely, frustrated, angry, lost, grieving, confused, struggling with addictions or obsessions or with those who just need to talk to someone neutral. 

Consultations can take place in my office, at your home or in any other place agreed between me and you.

In the following pages in this section you can find the details about the types of services that I offer.


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         Psychologist Kasia Jasiowka 

         Rue Perdtemps 5 

         1260 Nyon, Switzerland


         Mobile : +41 (0) 76 675 10 76


By train:  My office is a short walk from the Nyon train station

Directions:  My office is located on the third floor of Rue Perdtemps 5. There is elevator in this building. You don't have to use the intercom to get into the building. Please enter without ringing the bell, and I will meet you in the waiting room.